What is Ofca CPQ?

What is Ofca?

Ofca CPQ, or Configure, Price, Quote software is a Telco-specialized sales tool for creating quick and accurate quotes. In today's highly competitive business landscape, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline their sales processes and drive growth. Efficient quoting and pricing play a crucial role in securing deals and maximizing revenue. Ofca CPQ – a powerful no-code Configure, Price, Quote solution revolutionizes CSPs quoting by simplifying quote calculation configuration, approval processes, and facilitating real-time collaboration between various departments involved in product placement on the market.

How can Ofca CPQ increase profitability?

By leveraging the capabilities of Ofca CPQ, telecom businesses can optimize pricing strategies, identify, and seize upsell opportunities, control margins, streamline sales process, and gain valuable insights into profitability. These factors collectively contribute to increased profitability, helping businesses achieve their financial goals while delivering excellent value to customers.

Increased sales efficiency and accelerated sales cycles

Ofca CPQ empowers sales teams to generate accurate quotes quickly and effortlessly from a complex product offering. The intuitive user interface enables users to select product options, add-ons, and configurations with ease for both SME/SOHO segments as well as for large deals. With real-time pricing and discounting capabilities, financial impact calculations, and history of customer activities and active services, sales reps can create compelling quotes tailored to each customer's unique needs.

The accelerated sales cycle is a direct result of the increased efficiency of the sales force by a 30% or more. With the ability to generate precise quotes quickly, and faster approval process, sales force experienced a significant reduction in sales cycle length. Sales representatives can provide prospects with accurate quotes during initial conversations and quote is delivered on prospect e-mail within minutes, thereby reducing the time it takes to move from lead generation to quote tailoring, offer and finally deal closure.

Ofca CPQ solution enables sales teams to respond quickly to customer inquiries and deliver customized proposals promptly. By automating the process, Ofca CPQ reduces the time spent on administrative tasks, allowing sales force to focus on building relationships with customers and closing deals.

Increased close rates and revenue growth

The implementation of CPQ solution empowers sales teams to deliver compelling proposals and quotes to potential customers. With easy access to product catalogs, pricing information, and promotional offers, sales representatives create tailored proposals aligned with customer needs and preferences. As a result, the close rates improved substantially, leading to a surge in the number of closed deals. Expected increase is 25% or more.

Reduced manual work and error-free quotes

One of the primary challenges CSP faced before implementing Ofca CPQ, were manual processes, including spreadsheet-based quoting and pricing calculations in offline. This manual work was not only time-consuming, but also led to multiple errors, leading to incorrect quotes, inaccurate margins, and revenue loss. With simplified portfolio and pricing rules configuration manual work was eliminated as well as spreadsheet errors and discontinued processes.

Ofca enables CSP product management teams simple and fast configuration of their portfolio and pricing rules within simple No-code configuration interface, enabling sales teams with up to date portfolio offerings, promotions, error-free quotes, and transparent and reliable pricing information to the customer.

Fast integration and elimination of discontinued processes

Ofca CPQ enables fast integration with CRM, ERP and other existing business tools used across all departments in a company. This integration eliminates disconnected processes, enabling real-time data access across channels and enhances collaboration between different business units using the tools. Sales representatives access up to date information aligned between external tools (e.g. CRM, ERP, Marketing tool) and Ofca CPQ, including product, inventory, and pricing information, resulting in a data accuracy across the sales and operations tool landscape.

Let's sum it up

In the rapid world of Communication Service Providers, Ofca CPQ stands out as a game-changing solution that transforms sales efficiency, accelerates sales cycles, increases close rates, speeds up time to market, and drives revenue growth. By simplifying and automating quoting and pricing processes, Ofca CPQ empowers sales teams to generate accurate quotes quickly and deliver compelling proposals. Configuration of the portfolio and pricing rules within Ofca Configurator enables product management teams to react to the market needs and deliver compelling portfolios for their customers. The elimination of manual work and errors ensures transparent and reliable pricing information for customers, while the seamless integration with existing business tools fosters real-time collaboration and data accuracy.

With Ofca CPQ, CSPs can position themselves as industry leaders by streamlining their operations and optimizing their sales processes.

With its user-friendly interface, fast integrations, and data accuracy, Ofca CPQ is a solution made for CSPs looking to optimize their sales processes, increase revenue, and deliver exceptional customer experiences in the ever-evolving Telecom industry.

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